Custom Vancouver Homes: Build The Home Of Your Dreams

Our concierge homebuilding process all but guarantees the success of your build. We'll take the vision you have in your head, walk you through the entire building process, and seamlessly guide you to completion of your custom home.

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Larch Construction is Proudly Baeumler Approved

Bryan Baeumler, famous Canadian construction and home improvement expert, reserves approval to the best of the best -- highly skilled and customer-oriented custom builders. Larch Construction is proudly Baeumler Approved.

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We Don't Just Design & Build Exquisite Custom Homes

Before we drive a single nail—in fact, before we even begin the process of designing your custom Vancouver home—we'll sit down with you and develop your vision for your home. To view video, click the white triangle in the picture to the right.

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Benefits of Working with Us

We believe there are way too many houses which are indiscernible from each other. Every home we build is a masterpiece, as unique as the people who own them. This is as it should be.

Custom Design & Build

Building a home in many ways is like conducting a World Class orchestra. Each member has an awesome responsibility to be the very best at what they do. This is why we meticulously select our craftsmen, ensuring that your new home is a masterpiece.

Handpicked Craftsmen

Larch Construction ensures that no step is missed in the construction of your custom home. Continual oversight of your building project guarantees that no steps are missed, regardless of how inconsequential a step might seem.

Premium Management

We'll work closely with you to help you determine the budget for your custom home. By providing you with honest, realistic numbers, you can trust that there won't be any last minute surprises.

Realistic Budgets

We build only high quality and energy efficient homes. All Larch custom homes exceed the basic energy efficiency requirements. Not only is it better for the environment, you will be more comfortable - at less cost.

Cost Effective Energy Efficiency

We work relentlessly to find opportunities to save you money on the cost of building materials for your custom home. When we find cost savings opportunities through our purchasing power or by using comparable vendors, we fully pass the savings on to you.

Cost Savings on Materials

Did you know that there is a rule requiring the owner of a home being built to have Course of Construction (CoC) insurance? The cost of such insurance can easily exceed $10k-$15k. Larch Construction has a blanket policy available exclusively to the most reputable builders - and it won't cost you a dime.

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Ready to Talk About Your Custom Home?

Choosing a builder for your custom home can seem daunting or overwhelming. Want to talk about how we can make your dream a reality?

    How Our Founder Honed His Homebuilding Skills

    Everyone has innate gifts. Most meander through life without discovering theirs while a precious few know early on what they were born to do. Discover how our founder developed a passion for fine craftsmanship and why this is important to you.

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    The Process Behind Every Successful Build

    Concept Discussion
    Finding the Right Lot
    Land Survey
    Drawing Preparation
    Finalize the Budget
    Submit Permit Applications
    Get Your Keys
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    Meet the Team Behind Your Custom Home Build

    At Larch Construction we have a team of dedicated homebuilding pros, each with one goal: to make the process of building your custom Vancouver home as stress-free as possible. Our family of professionals are dedicated to the proposition that you deserve the custom home of your dreams.

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