About us

Larch Construction Ltd Founder, Eugene Averbuch, is a third-generation home builder. Growing up, he was exposed daily to incredible examples of fine construction and craftsmanship. These early lessons ignited a passion for creating masterful single family homes for others.

For years Eugene worked with other single family home developers on various projects. During this time Eugene honed his homebuilding skills until they were as sharp and refined as a fine blade. When he (and others he trusted) believed he was finally ready to begin creating unique single-family homes that would stand the test of time, he launched his homebuilding company.

Fast forwarding to today, Larch Construction Ltd is known for crafting some of the finest custom-built homes in the Vancouver area. This is because your Larch Construction Home will be built using only the highest quality materials, by master builders who understand that homes that will stand the test of time should be held to a higher standard than what can be produced by cut-rate, low budget builders.